Haunted Happenings in Key West: Ghostly Gatherings & Saloon Strolls


One of Key West’s popular attractions just happens to be the Key West Ghost Tour.   In order to find out the most up-to-date information on Ghosts of Key West we reached out to David Sloan, Key West author and ghost expert to learn more about some of his favorite stories and one of the newest ghost tours – The Saloon Stroll …it’s Happy Hour with Ghosts!


What to expect during the Haunted Happy Hour & Saloon Stroll:

It’s a two-hour saloon stroll with spirits!   At each stop you’ll enjoy a drink and raise a toast to the ghosts before the sun goes down.  The tour starts at 4pm at the foot of Simonton Street at Lagerheads Beach Bar.  Here you will learn about Captain Tony’s story of the maritime spirits and the 3rd Man. The 3rd man represented the people who were lost at sea.

The second stop on the stroll is the Key West Rum Distillery  – Key West’s first legal rum distillery. This used to be Jack’s Saloon so it is no surprise to us that you will hear about some haunted happenings by Jack!  According to David, there were lots of spirit activities during the renovations.  If you don’t believe us listen to the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore during his visit to Key West while covering a Hurricane.  WATCH VIDEO: .


Jack’s Saloon

The third stop is over on Ann Street at Shots & Giggles.  The gentlemen who lived at the residence was Tennessee Williams Gardner and the story here is he was murdered on the porch.  Guess our best buds and four legged friends have different reactions to this ghost.  There are many stories of animals reacting to the spooky spirits at Shots & Giggles.

Now it’s time to head over to the home of the Key West Songwriters Festival, Smokin Tuna Saloon. This Key West location has served many as it’s been a number of different bars throughout the years.  There are different ghost stories of Native American spirits and spirits of past employees.

Fourth stop on the tour is Kelley’s Caribbean Bar & Brewery. In case you did not know, Kelley’s Caribbean Bar Grill & Brewery is the birthplace of Pan American World Airways. This is where the very first Pan American Ticket office was and there have been stories of people seeing a woman in a gray dress with hundreds of buttons.  We don’t want to give the story away but one of the chief pilots at Pan American was married to a woman Cleo and photos show Cleo in gray dress with hundreds of buttons.  You’ll have to go on the tour to learn about other spirit stories at Kelley’s.

Info: Haunted Happy Hour & Saloon Stroll

When: 4pm – 6pm 4PM | $40 | INCLUDES 4 DRINKS | MONDAY – THURSDAY

Includes outlaw ghosts, bizarre murders, & maritime spirits.

*All participants must be 21 or older. Drinks include draft beer, house wine or house rum drink at 3 bars and rum from the still at the haunted distillery.

Easy Online Booking at or call 305-395-1435.


A few of my Favorite Key West Ghost Tours

After our Haunted Happy Hour we asked David to share some of his favorites with us. In addition to Kelley’s Caribbean Bar Grill & Brewery below are some of his favorite ghost stories and tours:

Marrero’s Guest Mansion

This is a love story. Francisco Marrero built the house in hopes of enticing his young love Enriquetta, to settle in Key West. It worked. They married and had eight children.   Guests have shared stories of babies crying and seeing the spirit of Enriquetta.   FYI children are not allowed at this guesthouse.

La Concha

It is said to be haunted by a man who lost his life after falling into an empty elevator. Guests have reported feeling someone tap them on the shoulder but when they look to see who tapped their shoulder – nobody’s there.

Viva Saloon

Viva Saloon is a former brothel. A woman and a man haunt it. There is also a haunted wheelchair in the secret brothel room.

The Studios of Key West

There is a ghost we call the whistler because he hates when people whistle. He knocks things around, sometimes pushes people. Turns out he used to be a principal at a school on the same site. Principals hated whistling back in the day.  His name is Eugene Locke.

The Final Scoop! Before we bid farewell we have one more ghost story to share.  We asked the Key West Ghost Tour expert if he heard of any stories around Southernmost Beach Resort or Southernmost Beach Cafe.  You heard it here first … according to David, the pier by the cafe is haunted. “I have only heard stories from two people, but they both described going to the pier at night and getting romantic, then feeling like they are being watched. Everything goes completely still and then it turns ice cold. Maybe someone died diving off pier? I have not researched. But I know ashes have been scattered there, so it could be someone returning to their favorite place.”

To find out more about Haunted Key West, Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunts visit Haunted Key West online or call 305-395-1435 to book your ghostly tour today.

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