25 minutes: Individual $70 Couples: $130
50 minutes: Individual $125 Couples: $240
80 minutes: Individual $180 Couples $350

Calm your mind, body, and spirit with this light touch massage that will alleviate stiffness & fatigue as well as improve circulation.

Deep Tissue

25 minutes: Individual $70, Couples $130
50 minutes:Individual $125, Couples $240
80 minutes:Individual $180, Couples $350

slower strokes with deeper pressure to work on those tight areas to release muscle tension and restore flexibility.

Prenatal Massage

25 minutes: Individual $70, Couples $130
50 minutes: Individual $125, Couples $240
80 minutes: Individual $180, Couples $350

Pure pampering for you and baby awaits in this gentle, comforting massage designed to calm those pregnancy aches and pains while letting you fully relax into your changing body. Performed while lying on your side and comfortably supported by pillows, this massage will be just what you need to recapture that momma-to-be glow.

Hot Stone Massage

50 minutes: Individual $180, Couples $340
80 minutes: Individual $230, Couples $440

This treatment is nothing less of luxurious and relaxing. Polished Basalt Lava Stones are heated and placed on the body in varying positions for balancing and energy flow, the penetrating heat lets the therapist work deeper into the muscle for complete serenity.

Cabana Massage

50 minutes: Individual $150, Couples $290
80 minutes: Individual $205, Couples $400

Enter into the spirit of relaxation with an oceanside cabana massage. A cabana massage will help you relieve your stress and focus on balancing the mind, body and spirit.

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