Southernmost Beach Resort Press

Orbitz Best in Stay Elite Award 2015

Winner of a 2015 Orbitz Worldwide Best in Stay Elite Award for being the highest-rated hotel in the Florida Keys market!

The Chew

The CHEW spotlights the Best Pina Colada in Key West at our Southernmost Beach Cafe! Click Here to View Southernmost Beach Cafe on The Chew.

Newly Re-branded Southernmost Beach Resort Brings Together the Best of Key West

The 261- room Southernmost Beach Resort is proud to announce its new moniker in conjunction with the unification of 4 of historic Old Town Key West’s longstanding lodging options. Southernmost on the Beach, Southernmost Hotel in the USA, La Mer And Dewey House will all now be folded into and available under one resort name: Southernmost Beach Resort Key West. Read Press Release.

The Southernmost Beach Resort Awarded by Usa Today!

The Southernmost Beach Resort was awarded the number one hotel in the top ten hotels in Key West, Florida by USA Today on USA Today Travel. The new 10 Best award systems was recently rolled out by USA Today in June 2015 and included in their travel division. Read more about Southernmost Beach Resort through the eyes of Amber Nolan.

The Southernmost Beach Cafe Awarded by Usa Today!

The Southernmost Beach Cafe was awarded TOP 10 Lunch Restaurant in Key West. Read more about the Southernmost Beach Cafe great lunch offerings HERE

The Southernmost Beach Resort Turns 65 Years Old!

The Southernmost Beach Resort in the USA turns 65 years old in 2013 and the hotel will be celebrating all year round with fun events at the hotel, vacation packages, and added amenities. The Southernmost Beach Resort has also completed a multi-million dollar renovation on all guest rooms, the Tranquility Pool area, and parking lot. Read more about Key West’s best kept secret from the Key West Citizen, a story written by Mandy Miles.

Florida Travel & Life Recommends

La Mer Hotel and Dewey House

Florida Travel and Life Magazine recommended the La Mer Hotel and Dewey House as their place to wind down in Key West.

Boutique, Beachfront or B&B? Key West’s Top 10 Hotels Embody Island Charm

Key West’s idyllic setting at the end of a sun-soaked archipelago has been drawing visitors long before Ernest Hemingway likened the island to St. Tropez. Demand for hotel rooms has only increased since then, and limited space means only so many places to lay your head.

La Mer Hotel and Dewey House Winner of 2018 Experts’ Choice Award
The award is based on over 1 million reviews from 85 publications…….