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Southernmost Trivia "Literally". 

You are invited to play the most fun trivia EVER! We guarantee it!

When you play trivia with us… you are physically playing Trivia as far South in the continental USA as you can get.  If you love trivia… this is one to brag about to your friends.  Teams of 6 or less battle it out to earn the title, “Smartest on the Island”. All categories, not just island trivia.  This is a fun and silly trivia hand designed for guests 12 and over.  FREE TO play! Everyone Welcome to play- you just need to reserve a table!  Awesome prizes and the opportunity to meet, drink, and eat with the “crazy” locals.

PLEASE email [email protected] for reservations.

What: The BEST trivia in the world, at least the best view for trivia
Who: Created and hosted by Amy Andrade
When: Every Wednesday night, 6pm sharp
Where: Southernmost Beach Café, end of Duval Street


Fun Things To Do at SOMO! Do Everything, Or Nothing At All...

12-3PM – Music Bingo @ Pineapple Pool
3:15PM – Mojito Making @ Pineapple Pool Bar
9AM – Beach Yoga – Meet @ Shores Pool
3:15PM – Tequila Tasting @ Pineapple Pool
3:30PM – Splash Pong @ West Lawn
9AM – Aqua Yoga @ Tranquility Pool
9:45AM – VIP Butterfly Tour – Meet @ Pineapple Pool $9AD | $7CH
3:15PM – Wine Class @ Pineapple Pool Bar
3:30PM Pictionary @ Shores Pool
4PM – Conch Shell Blowing @ Pineapple Pool
6PM – Team Trivia (RES REQ) @ Dewey Deck
9AM – Beach Yoga – Meet @ Shores Pool
10:30AM – Mimosas & KW Q&A @ Avalon Porch
3:30PM – Blackjack @ Shores Pool
4PM – Conch Shell Blowing @ Pineapple Pool
9AM – Aqua Yoga @ Tranquility Pool
11AM – Lobster Hunt @ Shores Pool
3:30PM – Name That Tune @ West Lawn
4PM – Conch Shell Blowing @ Pineapple Pool
9AM – Beach Yoga – Meet @ Shores Pool
11AM – What The Cluck?! @ Pineapple Pool
3PM – Salsa & Shots @ West Lawn
4PM – Pool Golf @ Shores Pool
4PM – Conch Shell Blowing @ Pineapple Pool
11AM – Conch Shell Blowing Lessons @ Shores Pool
3PM – Bar Trivia @ Shores Pool
4PM – Conch Shell Blowing @ Pineapple Pool
6PM – Champagne Sabering @ Avalon Deck

@ Pineapple Pool and Shores Pool

Live Entertainment Every Day, Poolside at SOMO!

Every afternoon you’ll be entertained poolside with one of the island’s local
musicians or talented DJs!
Take a dip, order a drink, snack on one of our delectable delights…
Or do nothing at all – the choice is yours!

*At the Pineapple Pool, by the resort lobby
at the Shores Pool, beachside*

Ceremonial Conch Shell Blowing (Try It?!)

Conch One, Conch All!
Meet your fellow resort guests at the Pineapple Pool every Wednesday – Sunday at 4pm for our Ceremonial Conch Shell Blowing to kick off the evening, and to partake in a Caribbean Island tradition. Give it a shot yourself!

We’ll feature $5 Captain’s Punch drinks for :15 minutes! See you there!

Monthly Moon Magic!

The Southernmost Beach Resort excitedly presents a new island experience: MOON MAGIC! Free and open to the public!

For those of you who have attended SIP & TALES in the past, you know how much we love a good ghost story. Each full moon you are invited to join us to hear the dark history of Key West as well as the surrounding lore and legends. SAVE THE DATE AND RESERVE YOUR SEATS! or text SAVE ME A SEAT to 717-816-4153. Show is limited to 50 guests. Full bar and restaurant service. Dinner and spooky show… YES PLEASE!

FULL MOONS- Stories start sharply at 7pm. Southernmost Beach Resort- Dewey Deck, follow the skulls and candles.

*Friday May 24th.- Flower Moon
*Friday June 21st.- Strawberry Moon
*Monday Aug 19th. – Sturgeon Moon
*Tuesday Sept 17th. – Corn Moon
*Thursday October 17th. – Hunter’s Moon


Did you know that mermaids can only come to land on a new moon? Please join us on South Beach to welcome Mermaid Dorian to our shores. Mermaid Dorian is the only mermaid coming from the sea in all of the Florida Keys. This afternoon will include swimming, storytelling, shipwreck history, & plenty of opportunities for great photos. SAVE THE DATE!

NEW MOONS- NOON!! South Beach by the Southernmost Beach Cafe.

*Sunday March 10th
*Monday April 8th
*Tuesday May 7th
*Thursday June 6th
*Friday July 5th
*Sunday Aug 4th
*Monday Sept 2nd
*Wednesday Oct 2nd


Live at the Pineapple Pool every Monday from 12-3PM, with DJ Dallas Wonderland!
Test your music knowledge with this unique twist on the classic game… If the DJ plays a Jimmy Buffet song, and you have that on your BINGO card, mark that spot and you can win!

Good Luck and we’ll see you there!