Ghostly Gatherings with
Robert the Doll

Who knew the most haunted doll in the world is right here in Key West!

We had the opportunity to speak directly to David Sloan, the go-to expert on ghosts in Key West, to learn about the newest haunted happening in paradise. David is the author of Ghosts of Key West, Haunted Key West, and The Biography of Robert the Doll, so it’s no surprise, he has created a new ghostly gathering at the East Martello Museum dedicated to Robert the Doll.

Ghostly Gatherings with Robert the Doll 3

Who is Robert the Doll, and why is he considered the most haunted doll in the world?

Well, I think the story is long overdue. Robert the Doll is the most haunted doll in the world, even more haunted than Annabelle.  He’s known worldwide, and legends say the doll comes with a curse or have encountered something.

Robert the Doll and Annabel are the two often most often cited haunted dolls.  More people have experienced Robert. Over a million people have heard Robert’s story in Key West, and his notoriety spans the globe.  The documentation of the hauntings with Robert far exceeds any other haunted doll out there.   

Even Ozzy Osbourne had a run-in with Robert the Doll, and let’s just say Robert left a lasting impression him.  Read all about it in Rolling Stone Magazine.

What can people expect from this new Robert the doll experience?

History. Mystery. Paranormal exploration with the world’s most haunted doll.

We get to do a little paranormal experiment during the one-hour tour, and we even read letters to Robert.  People get an opportunity to ask Robert questions as he answers through the spirit box. And then we tell people what we believe the real haunting is with the doll, and we go into the plausible theory of what is causing the doll to do what he does. We explain the good behavior, and we explain the bad behavior. And we back it all up pretty credible stories.

Rave Reviews About Robert The Doll Experience

Ghostly Gatherings with Robert the Doll 1

“Just had a fantastic evening with Key West’s newest must-do experience. It’s owned & operated by David Sloan, a longtime local who fiercely loves this town, its history – and its ghosts. It is a truly immersive experience into the life, times – and after life – of one of Key West’s most infamous residents, Robert the Doll, who has long been thought to be haunted. In addition to supernatural, ghost-hunting tools such as those seen in paranormal television specials, David Sloan provides brilliantly researched insight into little-known Key West history and the Fort itself at East Martello. It’s a fantastic addition to Key West for locals and visitors. Thank you, David and Key West Art & Historical Society for partnering to bring us this new adventure.” ~ Mandy Miles  (Facebook Review)

About the Robert the Doll Experience

The Robert the Doll ghost tour is a 1-hour experience that blends history, mystery, and paranormal exploration. Tours take place in the shadowy halls of the haunted, 1862, brick and mortar Civil War fortress, East Martello Museum.

Robert The Doll Ghost Tours start at 8 pm each night.

Tickets are $40 per person; for ages 10+, an adult must accompany people under 18.

One of the reasons this ghost tour is exceptional and a must-do and see is because David Sloan conducts it. As mentioned above, Sloan is the author of Ghosts of Key West, Haunted Key West, & the biography of Robert the Doll. Books are available for purchase in the museum gift shop, and David is available to sign books after each tour.

Learn more about Robert the Doll Experience.

Are you spooked out yet?

Robert the Doll’s Late Night Lantern Lockdown

There’s another new haunted happening at East Martello, and it’s the Late Night Lantern Lockdown.  Did you know East Martello Museum is home to 42 spirits and some of Key West’s most notoriously haunted artifacts?  It looks like Robert has lots of company at the fort.

Ghostly Gatherings with Robert the Doll 2

The Late Night Lockdown, a two-hour tour, is definitely for those who crave the haunted spooky vibes and the dark!  Each night at 10 pm, the doors to the haunted fort are locked, lights turned off, and you’ve got free-reign of the fort, armed only with ghost hunting gear and a flashlight! Lantern-lit haunted history markers will help you ID the paranormal hotspots.

Ghost Fort will issue your team a Spirit Box, IR laser temperature guns, EMF detectors, L-rods, a spirit pendulum board, and flashlights to use during the lockdown. An Ouija Board, REM Pod, FLIR thermal imager, and enhanced IRC Spirit Box are available to use while communicating with Robert the Doll.

Don’t worry; David Sloan will be on the property as well, so it won’t just be you and the spirits.

Good to know

Guests must be 13 and older to join Robert the Doll’s Lantern Lockdown. Anyone under 18 must be with an adult for the duration of the lockdown.

Alcohol and drugs are not tolerated. Ghost Fort will not admit visibly intoxicated guests.

Robert the Doll’s Lantern Lockdown Ghost Hunt takes place in a low-light environment. The Ghost Fort provides flashlights to navigate dark areas of the fort. It is your responsibility to navigate the fort safely.

While the supplied ghost hunting equipment and trigger objects provide hands-on experiences at the fort, contact with artifacts and displays in Fort East Martello’s museum is strictly forbidden.

All participants must sign a waiver before entering, stating that they understand the risks.

Reservations are required.  Tickets are $125 per person and must be purchased in advance online.

Learn more about Robert the Doll’s Lantern Lockdown.

Now that we’ve caught you up on the latest and greatest haunted happenings in Key West, tell us about your favorite haunted tours?  #somolife