Key West Reveal: Experience Elegance at Southernmost Beach Resort's Newly Renovated Guesthouses

Everyone’s always curious about what’s new in Key West, and we’re thrilled to announce that the latest and greatest can be found right here, at the Guesthouses of Southernmost Beach Resort. We’ve poured passion, love, and care into a $12.5 million renovation, transforming Avalon, Duval Gardens, La Mer and Dewey House into the epitome of island sophistication and comfort. It’s here, in our lovingly restored Victorian homes where you’ll meet the island charm of Key West’s past and the beauty and allure of a beach location with a broad range of amenities and services looking to welcome you to paradise.


Victorian Charm and Beachfront Serenity: A Tale of Four Guesthouses

Avalon and Duval Gardens, located on the world-famous Duval Street, immerse guests in the spirited atmosphere of Key West while offering a haven of comfort with their elegantly designed rooms. Avalon features 21 beautifully appointed rooms, and Duval Gardens offers an intimate setting with 12 rooms, each providing a unique blend of the vibrant energy of Key West’s most famed street and the calm, welcoming ambiance of a boutique guesthouse.

Steps from the ocean at South Beach, La Mer and Dewey House, with a total of 19 rooms, provide serene beachfront escapes. Here, the calming sounds of the waves and the soft ocean breeze set a tranquil scene for an extraordinary stay. The timeless appeal of Victorian design, coupled with the picturesque setting, forges a unique island experience. 

Key West Reveal: Experience Elegance at Southernmost Beach Resort's Newly Renovated Guesthouses 1

South Beach views from La Mer and Dewey House

Exclusive Amenities: A Realm of Discovery and Leisure

At the Guesthouses of Southernmost Beach Resort, you’re not just getting a place to stay; you’re unlocking exclusive access to a world of amenities that make every vacation moment special. All guests enjoy access to the resort’s amenities, including a private beach, three resort pools (with Avalon and Duval Gardens’ private pools exclusively open to their respective guests), daily resort activities, and more.

Guests at La Mer, Dewey, and Avalon House are treated to daily breakfast and afternoon snacks on the Dewey Deck, offering scenic views of South Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, guests at Duval Gardens delight in a continental breakfast, getting you ready for a day spent exploring the island or relaxing by the pool or beach. Every aspect of your stay is meticulously crafted to enhance your experience in paradise.

Don’t forget to visit Duval Street’s brand-new bar, The Parlour at Avalon, where some say you’ll find the best cocktails on the island—and who are we to disagree?

Key West Reveal: Experience Elegance at Southernmost Beach Resort's Newly Renovated Guesthouses 2

The Parlour at Avalon

Guest Experiences & Reviews

Avalon House: “Best experience ever! Wonderful stay! The resort is beautiful, and the staff is super friendly and helpful! I enjoyed yoga every day that is available! Love the tranquility pool! Views are spectacular! Highly recommend staying! Avalon House Parlor is great for cocktails at night.” ~ Karen P. via TripAdvisor

Key West Reveal: Experience Elegance at Southernmost Beach Resort's Newly Renovated Guesthouses 3

Avalon House

Duval Gardens: “Wonderful hospitality. Our Duval Gardens room at Southernmost Beach Resort was a perfect place to reconnect with my partner. The pineapple pool was a short walk and a great place to relax poolside. We especially appreciated bartender Sean’s genuineness and hospitality.” ~ Keilee B. via TripAdvisor

Dewey House: “Relaxing, first-class vacation! Beautiful, well-appointed rooms! The pools are clean and well maintained. And each pool had live music daily. The Tranquility pool was sooo relaxing. The Avalon house had the best cocktails. And the Dewey house had fabulous breakfasts and afternoon snacks every day. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. Walking around the expansive property was relaxing. It recharges your battery and refreshes the soul!!!” ~ Donna C. via TripAdvisor

Ready to explore the hidden gems of Key West? Visit Southernmost Beach Resort’s Guesthouses to book your stay. Experience the best of both worlds: a historic guesthouse’s personalized, intimate atmosphere and the lavish amenities of the best Key West beach resort. Explore the Guesthouses Now.

Your island escape awaits, promising not just a vacation, but an immersion into the heart of island life. #somolife