The Beach Resort Experience in Key West

While you might be searching for your next warm-weather vacay, we’d like to share what it’s like to stay at the best beach resort in Key West. A lifetime of memories are made here and we want to share just a few of them with you. Here’s a look at the Key West vacation experience through the lens of our many friends who have stayed with us. #somolife

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Special Morning Views

Photo credit: @mamamerecpst

Imagine waking up to palm tree silhouettes, the fresh ocean breeze, and the beautiful warm sunrise. That’s the perfect way to rise and shine.

Breakfast at the beach, yes, please!

Photo credit: @ludovicachieffo

Start the day with breakfast at Southernmost Beach Cafe, where sunshine and breakfast go hand in hand and breakfast by the ocean makes one forget the world and just relax. FYI, our buttermilk pancakes are a fan favorite.

I’m Walking on Sunshine

Photo credit: @msblondebangs

Finding my happy place everywhere I go. Today, it’s at the Shores pool at Southernmost Beach Resort. Did you know this resort has three pools, plus the beach options? Yes, I’m walking on sunshine, and vacation mode is on!

Cruisin on a Sunny Afternoon

Photo credit: @tlee_22

Explore, dream and discover our beautiful island by bike! Tour the island on your own and at your own pace with our resort cruiser and find out why it’s the best way to see paradise.

Beach Days are the Best Days

Photo credit: @Lexa_mendenhall

Key West called, and they have a beach waiting for you, and it’s right here at South Beach, steps from our resort! Did you know resort guests enjoy priority access to the complimentary loungers, umbrellas, and beach towels available for reservation through our beachside Guest Services attendants?

Making Memories

Photo credit: @styledbychelseaelyse

Learning how to make sandcastles and making the best memories with mom and dad along the way! Here’s looking at you kid 🙂

In My Happy Place!

Photo credit: @natalija_od_natasa

Relax. Lay back. Unwind. I’ve found the perfect place to escape for a bit and just hang out and enjoy the view.

Friends Trip

Photo credit: @thetravelma

Cheers to great friends with a thirst for adventure. How fun it will be when we get together to relive all those awesome travel stories from Key West for years to come.

Taking a Break to Enjoy the View

Photo credit: joanshomesmiami

Here’s my room for the week, or should I say this is my view for the week. Let’s just say I’ll be soaking up more than sunshine and getting in the tropical state of mind.

We said, “Yaaaas!”

Photo credit: irismoorephoto

True love beside me and ocean behind me.

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – When Harry Met Sally

Painting in Paradise

Photo credit: @mossboss80

Oh, what fun! Paint & Sip night in paradise was one of those unforgettable events where visitors and guests could get creative and paint with a local artist on the sandy shores of Southernmost Beach Resort. Let’s just say we’ve got a first-hand look at some of the artwork that came from that night, and there are some really talented people out there.

Early Winter Sunsets Are Found Here

Photo credit: @meganleighpeterson

You don’t have to go far to experience the magical sunsets of Key West because it’s happening right here at the best Key West beach resort.

Southernmost Beach Resort is an unforgettable destination of its own where a lifetime of memories are made. Keep sharing your vacation photos with us, and see you on your next travel adventure to Key West! #somolife